How to Write a Good History Essay: A Workable Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Good History Essay: A Workable Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Good History Essay

How to write a good history essay if you are overwhelmed with assignments and you haven’t even started doing the research? People who know how to write history essays may disagree on many aspects but there is one thing all of them are sure about ‒ quality is in the eye of the readers. Therefore, let us skip philosophical discussions and answers to the question ‘What is history essay?’ and get to practical recommendations straightforwardly.

How to Start a History Essay

All paragraphs perform important functions but the introduction plays a vital role because it has the unique potential of either attracting the readers’ attention or turning them off. Introduction (except for the title) is your first chance to impress the reader and, as you know, first impression is crucial. Therefore, begin your introduction with a sentence that is intriguing, interesting, and demonstrates your understanding of the topic. Next, provide definitions of the key concepts and terms, as well as the roadmap of the paper. In other words, describe the context and show what the paper is going to be about. The overall question has to be divided into smaller components (each of them will be discussed in a separate paragraph). This is where you formulate your argument – thesis statement – and maybe mention the alternative viewpoints to be later discussed in the body of the paper. Therefore, creating a strong introduction is the key to writing a history paper that impresses the reader.

The Body of a History Paper

History essays, like all essays, consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you have created the introduction with a thesis statement, you have decided on the outline of your whole paper. If you want the essay to be coherent and clear, dedicate each body paragraph to one manageable area of the thesis statement.

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Besides, every paragraph must be well organized and strong, although connected to the rest of the paper. In other words, it has to be clear which topic each paragraph covers. Imagine that the essay has no title; will the reader be able to guess what the topic is by looking at the middle paragraph? Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence related to the thesis statement, and then develop the discussion by drawing on evidence and explaining it. However, remember that the space is limited, so only include relevant and carefully selected pieces of evidence. If some background issues are important to understanding of your argument but can be summarized, summarize them. However, elaborate on the most vital areas. Students who do not know how to write a good history essay often spend unreasonably much time on trivial ideas while important issues are only mentioned in brief.


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According to some regulations, an A2-level student’s essay should engage with the popular arguments of historians. Although you should never ignore this advice, do not take historiography too far, so the topic itself remains virtually undiscussed. Learners frequently submit essays that consist of the opinions of historians. Including generalizations in your essay and backing them up with someone else’s opinion is not a good strategy for effective essay writing. Such papers turn out to be meaningless and superficial because they lack specificity. Besides, just because a person is a historian does not mean that he/she never makes mistakes, so instead of compiling their ideas into an essay, you have to interpret and synthesize them. Without proper support, generalizations are mere assertions. Remember that body paragraphs form the bulk of your paper, and if they are filled with meaningless information, the essay will fail.


The final paragraph hammers home your main argument. If the essay was analyzing several positions on one issue, the last paragraph is the place where you explain which position is the most plausible. Summarize important evidence and announce your decision.

Knowing how to write a good history essay means not only being familiar with what to include, but also understanding what should be avoided. In the last paragraph, do not introduce new ideas and evidence. If you are discussing one aspect of a question, do not finalize the essay by referring to a totally different aspect, otherwise, you risk losing points.

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On a final note, there is no one correct recipe of a powerful history since all writers are unique. However, combine your creativity with the standard requirements to the structure and content and you are sure to create an essay that rocks.

We hope that the history essay tips above will be helpful to you. But in case you are not keen on writing academic papers, you may easily buy a history essay at or use our free history essay examples for inspiration.


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