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Crafting a Successful History Essay: Practical Guidelines

How to Write a History Essay

How to Write a History Essay: Practical Guidelines for Success

How to write a good history essay if you are overwhelmed with assignments and you have not even started doing research? People who know how to write history essays may disagree on many aspects, but there is one thing all of them are sure of ‒ quality is in the eye of the readers. Thus, let us skip philosophical discussions and answers to the question ‘What is history essay?’ and get to practical recommendations straightforwardly.

History Essay Writing: Bring Your Skills to Perfection

Let us fancy: you have got a task from your professor that really puzzles you. For sure, you would like to get an A or A+ for it, for you realize that writing is always accompanied by planning and revising. It is so time-consuming that you cannot imagine how you can spare so much time for the paper. Still, the most important thing now is to stop panicking. Use your skills of time management and start brainstorming, researching, outlining, and writing as soon as possible. You will do that with less tension if you follow our tips for the writers:

  • Make your introduction bright. You always have to keep in mind that the first impression will be the strongest.
  • Check on the clarity of the thesis. You will find it easier to get solid arguments to support your thesis if it is reasonable.
  • Be critical to the used evidence. Include all the arguments, both for and against, into your research. Make sure that a part of the text is devoted to the discussion of the flaws.
  • Take proper care of in-text citations. You have to avoid plagiarism with all possible means. You can state that you know how to write a history essay if you do paraphrasing and direct quoting at the highest level of professionalism in writing.
  • Mix primary and secondary sources. It is more challenging to collect relevant primary resources, but your instructor will definitely appreciate that. A history essay goes with primary sources by default.

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If you have started considering how to write a college history paper, take into account the following tips:

  • Study your audience really well. You will be able to choose the right tone only if you know who will read the text you are working on. Every target audience has their own specific features which determine how your approach to writing ought to be switched. First of all, you have to decide whether your target group of readers is official (formal) or non-official (informal).
  • Mind the language. Only if your English is clear and simple, you will be able to express your ideas so that your audience would accept them. Grammar is also very important as the paper with many mistakes is difficult to perceive. Try to make your text sound alive as boring structures and threadbare vocabulary make no sense in academic writing.
  • Sound persuasive. Consider that your task is to convince your readers that your viewpoint deserves their attention and time. So, you have to know how to start a history essay and how to conclude it nicely. You will definitely fail if you do not gain the trust of your readers. The aspects which enhance the effect of your essay:

use of senses – this is a perfect technique of involving the readers automatically;

ethics – you have to touch upon the standards of the society to get closer to the mindset of your readers. You can persuade others only if you understand which basic rules of ethics they adhere to.

logical reasoning – only if you can present all the arguments logically, you will be able to raise meaningful discussions. There have to be no misunderstandings or confusions of ideas.

  • Provide solid support to the chosen statements. Make sure that you can support every argument with bright illustrations and relevant examples that make the readers interested. Every history essay example adds to the proofs that confirm that a certain event took place and makes it clear what it actually means for the humanity.
  • Reference the research with credible sources. For sure, there are a lot of online resources and library books relevant to your topic. Still, you have to start with the scholarly sources as you need to confirm that you present facts only and the readers can be sure that they can trust you. Having proper sources will help you add on to the credibility of your research and enhance your standing of a researcher.

In fact, you have to be knowledgeable enough to differentiate between the primary and secondary sources for your history papers. A primary source always has a direct reference to the personalities or events you are discussing. A secondary source always gives the opinions of sociologists, history researchers, and politicians on the personalities and events from your paper.

Covering all kinds of history essay topics, you cannot do without primary sources for your research. In the era of technological progress and access to almost any source online, it is not so challenging to collect trustworthy primary sources as it used to be. Research work in the 21st century is based on the use of extensive world libraries, databases of the most prestigious universities, posts of famous historians, and journal publications. All the information taken from the websites can also be reliable, but online sources always make researchers be twice as careful with every detail.

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It is wrong to say that the use of the secondary sources is less valuable than referencing the primary ones. You have to focus on checking the exclusiveness and credibility of every source you would like to use and professionalism of its author. Not every historian can be trusted; so, you are to double check all the information before you make your final choice. We recommend that you refer to the source to your college history paper only after you have answered these questions:

  • Have you heard about the author?
  • What is the academic degree of the author?
  • Which experience has this author got?
  • Can this publishing house be called trustworthy? Is it a website? Is it related to academic research? What is its audience? By the way, you may use any sources from the online platforms of the government with absolute trust.

Gain an Insight into a History Essay Format

‘Why is history important essay so complicated?’ ‘How can I cope with it right away?’ These are the questions from the inexperienced students, who do not understand that they need to know everything about the content and format of a history paper before they start working on it. Every history essay writer has to use the following tips to be effective in writing:

  • Choose the right topic. Your grade will depend on the selected topic and the way you have covered it. Some supervisors give a list of topics to choose from and a history essay rubric to follow. So, it depends on you whether you can make the right choice. We recommend choosing a broad topic with a lot of points to address. Thus, you will feel freer in expressing your arguments and giving solid support to them.
  • Make your objective narrow. The topics on history always have a lot of information to cover. You will find it absolutely impossible to give all the details even if the topic is extremely narrow. Still, you have to try and give your world history essay a reasonable scope. Go through the instructions given by your professor and then keep in mind all the requirements you have to follow in your assignment. You have to be sure that you understand the expectations of your instructor as they will form the basis for your writing. It is wrong to make writing too general as you need to get focused on some particular aspects and support them with particular evidence.
  • Conduct research using the best sources. You may need global history essay help if you cannot collect the sources for your paper yourself. As a writer, you are in charge of getting the sources to extract the needed details according to the topic. Compare all the sources you have collected and do research with the use of the ones most suitable for your needs. You can mostly rely on the primary sources and then add details from the secondary ones.
  • Start with a draft. Present all the major points in the draft of your paper. Compose a plan for your history essay writing after you have brainstormed the ideas. Align the key points and then ensure a smooth flow of your writing. Your audience will appreciate if your text is well organized as it is easier for them to follow your ideas this way.

History Essay Outline: How to Make It Right

While writing a history essay, you have to treat the stage of making an outline as a really important one. It means that the preparatory work is completed and it is high time you moved forward. Unfortunately, students often skip this stage as they do not understand why it is essential. We recommend that you have to view your essay outline as a roadmap which gives you direction in your writing.

Looking at a history essay template, you can see that it includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

History Essay Introduction

Learning how to write a history essay, you have to pay special attention to the introductory part. For sure, it ought to be catching. As in every paper, for instance, a personal history essay, there is to be a hook that can help you grab the attention of your audience. Try to apply some of the following methods as they are simple but effective in history writing:

  • Include statistics and valid facts into the paper. Thus, you can win the trust of your audience and ensure the relevance of your paper.
  • Ask rhetorical questions. This method ensures creativity of your writing. An introduction with rhetorical questions hints at the key points for your further text.
  • Add quotations. All thought-provoking ideas of other researchers make your readers intrigued and interested in your viewpoint as well.

Why study a history essay? How can I choose the theme which will impress everybody? The students do not have to hesitate to present the people and events for the analysis in this first part of the essay. Consider that the thesis statement in the paper ought to be brief but strong. After that, it has to be connected to the body of the essay smoothly and effectively.

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Body Paragraphs of History Essay 

The body of your history essay assignment has several ideas to cover. You have to make sure that each of the ideas is presented in a separate paragraph and valid arguments are collected to support it. There is no universal algorithm for building paragraphs, but these are the standard rules you are to follow:

  • A phrase related to the thesis statement;
  • Historical context;
  • Quotes for the facts;
  • Analysis and your personal opinion;
  • Quotes for the facts;
  • Analysis and your personal opinion;
  • Presentation of controversial aspects;
  • Transitions.

It is essential to keep the right order of the body section arguments. We recommend that you have to start with the weakest points and then use the strongest ones for the final sections.


Use a technique of an effective history essay citation along with other ones to add to the convincing nature of every paragraph. Then the focus of the final section is to be on the proofs given to all key points and specified in the thesis statement. Do not forget that a complicated conclusion is always weaker than a simple one. All history essay help guidelines emphasize that there have to be no new ideas in the concluding part. Instead, you need to summarize the main points and highlight the relevance of the event or personality you have chosen for your analysis to current reality.

History Research Paper Topics for College Students: Top-10 for You to Choose

  1. Industrial Revolution in Europe. Industrialization started in England and then spread to other countries. You can make comparison between particular features of industrialization in different European countries. If you take a comparative approach, you can make your paper sound really effective and full of information.
  2. Impact of Martin Luther King. It is always interesting to study the background of outstanding people, especially when it goes about such prominent historical figures as Martin Luther King, whose life was full of events and whose death was really tragic.
  3. The American Revolution in the context of the world history. You may focus on the features that make this act of overthrowing the monarch different from the French Revolution. It is recommendable to analyze all the details, including the beginning of the war and the period of recovery after it.
  4. Success story of post-war Vietnam. You can focus on the reunification of the nation after South Vietnam was defeated. You may point out at the higher standards of life for people in Vietnam than those in the nations which border on this country.
  5. Foreign policy of the United States at the end of the 21st century. The main issues to address are the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent growth of terrorism, multiple military bases of the USA around the world, support provided by the US to the military dictators. These topics may be very sensitive, so you have to be careful in discussion.
  6. Impact of slavery and its abolition. It is a meaningful topic that raises a lot of questions. The essay may focus on the peculiar features of the process in one, two, or more societies around the globe.
  7. History of medicine. This is a summary of the most outstanding facts which may strike the audience.
  8. Revolutionary New Wave movement in the history of the cinema. You may focus on the most prominent figures and the most impressive innovations.
  9. Space Race. You may discuss all the aspects of the Cold War and see how they are related to all fields in the society.
  10. History of video games. Your essay can cover the entire period of development from the moment video games originated as a primitive genre to a modern stage of hyper-realistic games that stroke with their innovations.
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History Essay Writing Service: Professional Writers Work for You

History assignments belong to the most complex assignments; so, the students need to have in-depth knowledge to deal with such tasks. They always require a lot of time and research to establish clear connections and logical ties. Use a hook for history essay writing at the very beginning and then manage diverse dates and facts to create a full picture.

Thus, it makes sense that students request for academic help instead of writing the papers themselves. It is a reasonable idea as a scholar can cope with the task much better than an inexperienced student.

You have to specify the task with all the instructions and deadline. You have to elaborate on your historiographic essays and indicate all the specific sources you need for your reference list.

It may happen that you have completed your essay and now all you need is editing and proofreading. Our experts may edit, proofread and format it and you will pay only for this particular service.

After we have completed your assignment, you can use it for your future assignments as a nice sample. You may get some idea about the process of researching, content, structure, vocabulary, and style of referencing. We welcome you to place your order and become one of our clients!

We hope that the history essay tips above will be helpful to you. In case you are not keen on writing a history essay or any other academic papers, you may easily learn how to write a history essay; so, you can buy a history essay at EssaysWorld.net or use our free history essay examples for inspiration.


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