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112 College Persuasive Essay Topics

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Excellent speakers and writers all over the world have one thing in common. They can convince their audience to agree with their ideas by bringing them to see their way of thinking. They developed their great debating skills by practicing writing persuasive essays and speeches. That is why this article contains a list of college persuasive essay topics, which form the primary foundation for tutors and college students to develop their essay ideas.

What are Persuasive Essays?

Persuasive essays are kinds of writing or statements meant to convince or sway the audience towards accepting the stand taken by the writer or the speaker. Students in schools and colleges frequently encounter these types of essays, as they are instrumental in honing their public speaking and socialization skills. Also, persuasive essays enable students to sharpen their debating and communication skills which are essential for socialization during and after college. It is important to note that good persuasive essay topics assist learners to examine an issue critically in the society besides according them the opportunity to voice their stand.

Great Persuasive Essay Tips

Here are some quick persuasive essay tips that can assist the students to put their ideas as smoothly as possible for that extra mark. Firstly, a good writer or speaker should be a good reader. Not only does reading widely expand the knowledge base of the learner, but it also aids the essay writer to be creative and a critical thinker. Secondly, persuasive essay writers should ensure that the article narrates the major argument points for the stand that the speaker has taken. That way, the essay writer will have no trouble wooing the audience to follow their ideas. Additionally, it pays to be concise and up to the point when writing a persuasive essay. Providing too much information can easily confuse the audience or make the address dull. If in any case, one must give a lot of information to support an argument, it is essential to ensure that the writer provides genuine information that appeals to the emotions of the listeners. Therefore, the student should make use of the internet and school library to research more on the topic before writing the persuasive essay. Finally, understanding the target audience is the key to choosing an appropriate issue to focus on during a persuasive speech. Whereas it is crucial to know all the facts about a subject, appealing to the emotions of the audience is a significant move when delivering a persuasive speech.

It is also vital to note that the persuasive essay topics provided in this article can similarly get utilized as persuasive speech topics for college students. All the same, students should remember that persuasive speeches should be as convincing as possible to convince the target audience.

college persuasive essay topics

This article catalogs good persuasive speech topics suitable for college students and instructors. We hope that you will find the easy persuasive speech topics listed below useful in enhancing your speech presentation or writing skills.

Funny persuasive essay topics

  1. There are many fake relationships in the world today than they were ten years ago
  2. Aliens exist side by side with human beings in the world today. There is no need for scientists to scan the universe for aliens
  3. It is healthy for adults to watch cartoons
  4. Parents do not understand what children want
  5. People who leave their rooms in a mess are more intelligent than individuals who leave their rooms neat.
  6. Social media is responsible for poor face to face communication skills
  7. Why your parents should surrender all their debit and credits cards to you
  8. Why parents are always right
  9. School going children should dress like their role models
  10. Dressing in suits and ties while going to the office are outdated

Sports persuasive essay topics

  1. Coaches should focus on developing athletes’ talents rather than imposing developing new skills in them
  2. Former sporting personalities do not necessarily make the best coaches
  3. Why do some college coaches and players hide some minor injuries from sport monitoring authorities?
  4. Most players do not lead healthy lifestyles due to hard partying after sporting activities
  5. Regular drug testing should be compulsory for all players
  6. Colleges have placed too much attention on development of sports rather than development of all students
  7. Why does football have such a huge following in the world?
  8. There are too many corrupt practices in football than any other sport in the world
  9. People engaged in sporting activities live better lives compared to individuals who are not engaged in any sporting activities

Interesting persuasive speech topics

  1. Democracy is responsible for destabilizing many countries
  2. What will happen after the world exhausts its energy resources?
  3. Why third world war could happen sooner than later
  4. Cryptocurrencies are risky investments
  5. Cryptocurrencies will replace the US dollar, as the world’s most famous currency
  6. If wooly mammoths are brought back to life, they will soon be extinct again
  7. Negative music lyrics can inspire unconstructive behavior in the youth
  8. Students with disabilities should be taught in the same class with students with no disability
  9. Can genetic engineering bring back to life extinct animals

Health essay topics

  1. Electronic cigarettes have equal health impacts to tobacco-based cigarettes
  2. A certain level of alcohol in the human body is good for one’s health
  3. Marijuana can have positive impact in the medical field
  4. Home based remedies can be harmful to people’s health. Individuals should always seek the advice of qualified medical personnel whenever sick
  5. Physical exercise instead dieting is the best way to maintain a healthy human body
  6. Eating genetically modified foodstuffs is dangerous for human health
  7. Sometimes it is not necessary to undergo surgery as other lines of treatments can be pursued by medical professionals
  8. Staying at home while sick can prevent the spread of illnesses
  9. The use of antibiotics in animals and the safety concerns for consumers
  10. Should drug manufacturers discourage the use of antibiotics for animal production?
  11. Should the government regulate the use of antibiotics to prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria?
  12. What makes cancer the number one killer in the world?

Controversial persuasive essay topics

  1. The hospital should not have the absolute control over determining when to induce euthanasia
  2. Capital punishment should be scraped off the penal code
  3. It is morally wrong to deport illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin
  4. Politicians are voluntarily stalling the climate change debate
  5. Racial discrimination is pretty much still present in the world today
  6. America is no longer the world’s superpower rather than
  7. Reasons why most Muslims are linked to terrorism
  8. Overreliance on social media is harmful to the society
  9. The right to bear arms in the United States is responsible for mass school shootings the nation
  10. Reasons why single parenthood is dangerous to the child
  11. The America first policy fronted by President Donald Trump is not good for the development of the American society.
  12. Nuclear war is inevitable in the 21st century
  13. Religion plays a vital role in making the society a better place
  14. Governments should regulate Internet
  15. The media should avoid broadcasting violent scenes
  16. School children should wear uniform when attending school
  17. Citizens often abuse free expression
  18. Self-driving vehicles should be kept off the roads
  19. Internet providers are deliberately trying to control how people think and view the world
  20. Why marketers should not target children in their advertising
  21. It is wrong for search engines to collect user information and sell it to third parties
  22. Internet, electronic devices, and privacy
  23. Why some companies get away with paying employees below the minimum wage
  24. Slave trade is still practiced in some parts of the world
  25. Has the younger generation neglected the elderly in the society?

Persuasive essay topics for middle school

  1. Examinations should not be the yardstick for measuring students ability
  2. School uniforms have no importance to students
  3. Students should not be allowed to own phones in schools
  4. Middle school students should have restricted or supervised access to social media
  5. Should gender be an issue in the class sitting arrangement?
  6. Soft drinks should be banned from the school premises
  7. Internet is good is both useful and dangerous for students
  8. Cyberbullies should be expelled from school
  9. Best way to deal with school bullies

Animal persuasive essay topics

  1. People should not be allowed to keep wild animals as pets
  2. Animals held at the zoo live uncomfortable lives
  3. All animals should be under the protection of the state and not just endangered species
  4. Human activities are responsible for extinction of many animals
  5. Animals have feelings just like human beings
  6. Animals in a zoo are more dangerous than animals in game reserves
  7. Licensed game hunting should be banned as nature has a way of balancing the population of animals in the wild
  8. Human beings are more cruel to animals than necessary
  9. Keeping pets is good for human health
  10. Genetic adjustment of animal genes is ethical
  11. Mating of two different species of animals is morally wrong
  12. Killing of stray dogs and cats a way to reduce the spread of diseases
  13. Sale and transfer of animal trophies should be illegal
  14. Human beings have no moral responsibility to care for the animals

Environment essay topics

  1. Environmental pollution is heavily linked to global warming
  2. Every person should play a role in environmental conservation
  3. Nuclear leaks have minimal impact on the wildlife
  4. The food shortage in the world has adverse effects on the environment
  5. Environmental conservation efforts are under threat from oil and petroleum companies
  6. Petroleum companies should not be allowed to fund ecological conservation efforts
  7. The adoption of green energy is affected by limited investments in the sector
  8. Deforestation is justified for converting the land for agricultural land to feed the world population
  9. Environmental pollution in other parts of the world is responsible for adverse weather in other sections of the society
  10. Availability of water will adversely affect the community of the world in near future
  11. Why air pollution is inevitable
  12. The world’s environment is primarily affected by industrial waste rather than household waste
  13. Should human beings care for the environment?

Medical persuasive essay topics

  1. Reasons why abortion should be legalized and reasons why it should not be sanctioned
  2. Doctors should be held accountable for wrong diagnosis of illnesses
  3. Every hospital should have social workers to ensure that medical professionals always observe the rights of patients
  4. Are medically assisted suicides morally right
  5. Governments are not doing enough to provide medical services to the citizens
  6. Home-based care is better than hospital-based care
  7. Why are medical errors rampant in the American health sector?
  8. Are patients safe in our hospitals?
  9. Is chemotherapy the best way to treat cancer
  10. Should patients be allowed to explore alternative cures for their ailments
  11. What dangers do overworked medical staffs pose to patients?

The persuasive essay and speech ideas listed in the article are tailored to meet the needs of students and tutors. The topics are not conclusive and students are encouraged to use the list as reference points for generating more persuasive essay topics. Always remember that persuasive essay topics should persuade the recipient of the message to agree with your ideas or your way of thinking. Therefore, sufficient efforts should be put on ensuring that the the delivery easily appeals to the emotions of the audience.

We hope that the persuasive and essay topics listed above will be helpful to you. But in case you are not keen on writing academic papers, you may easily buy a persuasive essay at EssaysWorld.net.


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